Reliability and Resilience - How do they differ and how can society make decisions to address them?

Dr. Joe Eto


This talk will offer perspectives on the differences and similarities between electricity reliability and resilience, introduce an economics-based method that supports decision-making around both, and describe the information on the costs of power interruptions that is available to support application of the method.

Speaker Bio

Joe Eto is a staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he serves as the strategic advisor for the Electricity Markets and Policy Group and for the Energy Storage and Demand Response Division. In addition to leading research on grid reliability technologies and policies for the US Department of Energy, he is also leading authority on reliability metrics and trends, and on the economic value of reliability to electricity customers. Joe has authored over 250 publications on frequency response, transmission planning, electricity reliability metrics, trends and reliability value-based planning, power quality, distributed generation, energy efficiency, and demand response.