Changing Electric Energy Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

Spring 2023 co-organizers: Marija Ilic and Daniel Shen
Previously co-organized with Dan Wu

This series of seminars is motivated by the need to hear from leaders in academia, government, and industry about major problems and opportunities in the rapidly changing field of power systems. The talks vary from big-picture holistic presentations to the focused open R&D questions that must be addressed to simultaneously enable decarbonization and ensure high-quality service during normal conditions. As extreme events become more frequent, it will be necessary to provide service without major widespread blackouts.

Cooperative participation of diverse end users with many innovative hardware and software solutions alongside system operators can localize the effects of triggering events; many open questions remain as to the shape this cooperation will take. Similarly, there is a need for innovation in end-to-end integration of novel resources, demand response, grid control, etc. for decarbonization.

The emphasis of this series is on the systems aspects of these challenges and the opportunities offered by transforming today’s architectures to support flexible, seamless end-to-end participation of a large number of grid users.

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