Fall 2023 Electric Energy Systems Course Announcement

Principles of Modeling, Computing, and Control for Decarbonized Electric Energy Systems (6.7121/6.7120) will be offered in the fall semester.

Administrative Details

  • Level: Undergrad/Graduate
  • Units: 4-0-8
  • Schedule: Lectures MW 1-2:30pm, Recitation F 1pm
  • Prerequisites: 6.2000 (6.002) and 6.3100 (6.302), or permission of instructor; 6.2200 highly recommended
  • Instructor: Prof. Marija Ilic (ilic@mit.edu)

Course Description

The overarching goal of this course is to introduce systematic modeling and control of changing electric energy systems, including smart grid & microgrid architectures for present and future systems. It offers modeling principles of moden electric power systems starting from a brief review of their structure and their physical components. In particular, a novel unified modeling in energy/power dynamics is introduced to conceptualize their operations and control and manage temporal, functional, and spatial complexity. The course contextualizes research applications of machine learning, optimization, and graph algorithms.

Although students ideally have a background in electric power systems and dynamic systems/control theory, the course was designed to appeal to MIT students from various departments and disciplines. Due to the gap in baseline knowledge, students are required to study background material (specifically, power and control content) to be prepared for lectures, recitations, and homework. The course will have a term project which can be made aligned with specific students’ interests.