Scalable Electric Power System Simulator (SEPSS)

Image: National Institute of Standards and Technology

MIT is developing a modeling and HLA-compatible simulation platform called SEPSS. This platform builds on an earlier TCP/IP based multi-layered interactive computer platform named Smart Grid in a Room Simulator (SGRS) developed in collaboration with NIST. Each user can define its own system architecture comprising modules that have uniform functional characterization such that the interactions can happen across multiple spatial and temporal layers simultaneously. Given this, SEPSS can emulate hybrid system dynamics driven by different inputs (weather, consumer preferences) and market decisions. Both Centralized and Distributed Automated Modeling of Power Systems (CAMPS, DAMPS) are possible. DAMPS is particularly well-suited for simulating utility scale systems and markets.

We demonstrate the basic Transactive Energy Market (TEM) concepts on truncated IEEE-8500 test system and some missing market signals. We then show potential benefits on MIT-LL microgrid test systems from having more detailed market signals such as voltage and power ramp rates.

Sponsor: National Institute of Standards and Technology